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It has been Europe's biggest and best commercial radio station. For a period of 59 years it has set standards in the world of broadcasting.

This site has been created to keep the memories of 'The great 208' alive and to reflect the memories of former listeners of RTL. Whether they are english, norwegian, dutch, american or german. Due to the fact that LUXEMBOURG did broadcast worldwhide via short wave this station became familiar to people all around the globe. And further to that there have been thousands of american GIs listening to 208 during their stay in Europe. And browsing through the entries in my guestbook you will notice that they still remember this great radio station today.

And now in brief what you can expect on this web site :

The complete story from 1933 to 1992 including many original audio cuts and comments of the former 208 stuff.

Pictures and audio documents of approx. 30 former jocks who worked for 208. Completed with informations of what they are doing today.

208 what one of the first in Europe to play jingles. Listen to examples from the 60s to the 90s. At the moment in total 23. And more will follow.

Lots of graphics: the logos from the 70s to the 90s, the broadcast centre, promotion stickers etc.

The new RADIO LUXEMBOURG is back. Check the details.

Simply stuff that does not fit in any other category. Go there for joining the 208 mailinglist.

Read what 208 fans worldwide want to let you know. And please: drop a line there too. Thank you :-)

You will find other 208 related web sites there. Besides that more radio themes as jingles collectors, offshore pirates etc.

Before you take the jump into those great memories allow me to say "thank you" to some guys all around the world who have sent me documents, informations, photographs and last not least jingles and so made this homepage finally possible. You will also find some of them in the LINKS-section later on. They are :

Tim Arnold, Alan Beech, Norman Barrington, Remco Dolman,
Jim Harpur, Eivind Motland, Dick Offringa, Roberth Walve
and Pete Wilson.

And especially I want to thank the former stuff members of 208 who helped me a lot in collecting all the informations :

Jeff Graham - Rodney Collins - Mike Knight - John Catlett

Sorry if I have forgotten someone; tell me and I will add you to the list.


This 208-LUXY-RING site is owned by Herbert Pjede.
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This site has been created and designed by a LUXY fan for all the friends of the great 208 worldwide.
It is NOT made or supported by CLT or any other commercial group.

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