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Abbot, Nick
Adams, Tony
Alldis, Barry 
Andrews, Alton
Antony, Peter
Beech, Sandy
Blackburn, Tony
Blewitt, Tony
Brown, Benny
Burnett, Paul
Carey, Chris
Christian, Dave 
Day, Roger
Edmonds, Noel
Everett, Kenny 
Fox, Neil
Freeman, Alan
Graham, Jeff
Henry, Stuart 
Hollis, Mike
Holmes, Chris
Jacobs, David
Jensen, David 'Kid'
Jones, Rob
Lloyd, Wendy
Miles, Jonathan
Page, 'Me' Mark
Pearce, Howard
Prince, Tony
Rosko, 'Emperor'
Scott, Jodie
Stewart, Bob
Stone, David Lee 
Tilley, Shaun
Vance, Tommy 
Walker, Johnnie
Wesley, Mark
Wright, Steve
Young, Jimmy
Ziepe, Gary

When you are very sure that some details regarding the former 208 jocks are wrong or when you have updating informations please mail me.

When I tuned in my radio some night in the beginning of the 70s I suddenly considered that besides the german service there was an english service at RADIO LUXEMBOURG too. And from the very first minute I was fascinated. It was not only the music or the jingles that made listening to 208 that exciting; most of the fascination was caused by the fantastic 208 jocks. Although the sound quality due to the AM-signal fading in and out was poor I could not wait tuning in to Luxy as often as I could.


On this site you will discover pictures and sound bites of some of Luxy's best and most remarkable DJs. Click on the cassette symbol to listen to airchecks and find out what their job is today. All audio files are in mp3-formatte. So if you don't have a MP3-player get yourself a free one here.

fingerMost of the audio files are new !!!finger

Some are completely new as I managed to get better airchecks. Most of the others have been improved so they will sound quite better than those you knew already. As modems are getting faster all the time and more and more surfers already use 'ISDN' I stored the files in this high quality standard. Besides the cassette symbol you will see the size and length of the jocks files.

Photo of Nick Abbot

Nick was at LUXY for the first half of 1988 - now he is working for "LBC 97.3" and "Planet Rock". Visit his homepage.

Photo of Tony Adams

Tony is at Oxogen in Oxford now.

(998 K - 2:08 min)

Photo of Barry Alldis

He was at LUXY already in the 60s and returned towards the end of the 70s.
Sorry to say that he passed away already in 1982.

(959 K - 2:03 min)

Photo of Alton Andrews

Alton had a short stay at 208 just from 1986 to 1988.
He is now presenting the saturday breakfast show on BigL. (updated 22-06-07)

Photo of Peter Antony

Do you remember 'PA here ...'.

Peter is at Mercury FM in Sussex.

(959 K - 2:03 min)

Photo of Sandy Beech

Sandy is chairmen of a music production company named "Music4|People".

It seems he is not 'on air' as a DJ anymore. any more.

Photo of Tony Blackburn

After beeing at the pirates Tony joined 208 in the mid 60s.

Today Tony presents BBC Radio 2's "Pick of the Pops" every Saturday from 1-3pm as well as BBC London 94.9 on Sundays from 12-2pm and a weekly Sunday show on "Magic 1161".Tony is regular relief cover for Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire (10am - 1pm).

Photo of Tony Blewitt

Tony is living in South Africa doing his job at 'CLASSIC fm".

Photo of Benny Brown

He was at '208' from 1979-1985. Then he worked for 'BFBS' and 'HITRADIO FFH' in Frankfurt/Germany. Today Benny Brown is "back in town" at Radio Luxembourg.

I met him in August '98 while he was doing his show 'Rockmix' on 'FFH'. He is a very kind guy and an absolute professional. We talked about the good old days of '208' and he gave me several informations about the time that he had spent in the Grand Duchy and told me some funny stories about his collegues. But: don't be afraid Benny. I won't write them down here ;-).

(714 K - 1:31 min - Radio Luxembourg 1981)

(1.010 K - 2:09 min - Hitradio FFH 1998)

Photo of Paul Burnett

In August 2007 "Classic Gold" merged with "Capital Gold" to form the new "Gold network". Paul Burnett left as a result and unfortunately is no longer on air.
In 1999 he co-presented the "65 years of LUXY tribute" together with Shaun Tilley.

(115 K - 0:17 min)

Photo of Chris Carey

Chris worked for LUXEMBOURG from 1976-1977.

(489 K - 1:01 min)

Photo of Dave Christian

Dave was at the great 208 in the 60s and 70s. Later he has spent his time in London working as a money broker. Dave passed away July 9th, 2010.

(489 K - 1:01 min)

Photo of Roger Day

Roger is another of the great 208-jocks of the 60s.

He is now on FLR. A london based community station doing their breakfast show

Photo of Noel Edmonds

Noel works for BBC TV nowadays. Audio file will follow.

Photo of Kenny Everett

Kenny (his real name was Maurice Cole) worked at LUXY in the mid 60s. It is reported that he was never really lucky there. Afterwards he went to Radio London.In 1970 he presented sponsered shows for 'Esso'.

On Tuesday 4th April 1995, Kenny Everett died of an AIDS related illness. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest radio broadcasters that has ever lived.

Photo of Neil Fox

Neil 'Dr.' Fox was at 208 between February and August 1987 before leaving for London's Capital FM, where he remained ever since. He also presents THE PEPSI CHART every sunday afternoon on the U.K.Commercial Radio Network.

Photo of Alan Freeman

He is a real veteran working for LUXY already in the 50s.

He had to retire from his Pick of the Pops show on BBC Radio 2 due to servere arthritus. He can hardly move and is in a nursing home.

Photo of Jeff Graham

Jeff was jock during the late 80s before he became programme director.
Today he still is programme director but at The Independent Radio Group in the U.K.

And: he is a mid-morning jock on 107.2 WIRE FM in Warrington/England.

Photo of Stuart Henry

Famous as one the couple 'Stewart & Ollie'. His partner was his wife Ollie Henry. Started at Radio Scotland but had the problem of becoming seasick very often.

Stuart is no longer with us. He passed away in 1996.

(633 K - 1:21 min)

Photo of Mike Hollis

Mike was at Jazz FM. Today he is working for "Capital Gold 1548", London.

(151 K - 0:22 min)

Photo of Chris Holmes

Chris was at LUXY from March to December 1992.

Today he is working as "Chris Moyles" for BBC Radio 1.

(357 K - 0:46 min)

Photo of David Jacobs

The elder ones of you might remember him and his shows in the 50s and 60s.

Still in the business he is at BBC RADIO 2.

Photo of David Jensen

He is known to us as 'the kid' though I'm sure he will not be too happy if you still call him 'kid' today.

He is at 'HEART 106.2' in London now.

(928 K - 1:59 min)

Photo of Rob Jones

I've heard that Rob was called 'the playboy' at his time at LUXY. Today he runs a promotion company in London.

I had contact via e-mail but lost him. And in the meantime I also lost his email-address :-

(1.655 K - 3:32 min)

Photo of Wendy Lloyd

Was at LUXY only one year from January 27th until December 30st, 1992. Surfing the internet she discovered this site and wrote to me :
"Just found your newly updated site on Luxy. Well done for all the research. I'm a movie critic for TV and Radio (regular slot on Talk Radio in the UK) and am a Travel writer for Cosmopolitan as well as hosting a variety of TV and Radio shows in the UK. Keep up the good work!"
To contact Wendy here are her agents numbers : TV and Radio: Vivienne Clore @ Richard Stone Partnership (0171 839 6421), Voiceovers: The Excellent Voice Co (0181 810 5123)

(667 K - 1:25 min)

Photo of Jonathan Miles

Jonathan is at 'CHANNEL 4 FM' in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) now.

Before until January 1998 he was at 'Key 103' in Manchester.

(393 K - 0:50 min)

Photo of Mark Page

Mark stills works for 'The Pulse' in Bradford presenting the breakfast show. He also hosts a saturday morning show on 'MAGIC 1170' in the North East of England. For further details visit his homepage.

(55 K - 0:08 min)

Photo of Howard Pearce

Is at 'VIRGIN 1215' today and has his own media company.

Photo of Tony Prince

He was jock and later programme director at '208'. Recently sold his DMC magazine and seems to do really nothing at this moment.

Right Tony ?

(567 K - 1:12 min)

Photo of 'Emperor' Rosko

He is living in California today and does some syndicated shows.

Unfortunately 'EKR' (European Klassik Rock) where Rosko worked for too has closed in January '99. Today he lives in Thousand Oaks, CA and runs a mobile disco business.

(421 K - 0:54 min)

Photo Jodie Scott

Do you remember her 'Hello Darling'?

Jodie joined LUXY at 1988 and stayed there until the end in 1992.

For further informations and about her new musical solo project go to the JODIE-SCOTT-SPECIAL site.

(518 K - 1:06 min)

Photo of Bob Stewart

Forgetting all respect we can talk of Bob as the dinosaur at '208'. Coming from the pirate station 'Radio Caroline' he worked at LUXY from 1969-1991. He left the station when broadcasts via AM were stopped. He lives in Dallas/Texas today and is working in the radio business but I have no idea for what station.

Did you know that though he sounded so typically american on air he is an Englishmen? In the beginning of the 60s 'Radio Caroline' looked for an american DJ but couldn't find one. Bob showed all his talents and spoke in such typical slang that he finally got the job. He's living in America and has retired.

(906 K - 1:56 min)

Photo of David Lee Stone

David was at Laser 558 (offshore radio) before he came to the great 208. Afterwards he worked for Atlantic 252 (Ireland) and Radio HMV (UK). He died in March 1997 in Phoenix Arizona, USA due to a overdose of alcohol and drugs :-(

Photo of Shaun Tilley

Shaun works at 'The Wave' in Swansea. He e-mailed beeing amazed that there are still so many people remembering LUXY and the people who worked there. He is indeed responsible to the fantastic 208-COMEBACK.

(132 K - 0:19 min)

Photo of Tommy Vance

Worked for VH-1.
Besides this TV job he was heard on world wide shortwave and in stereo on ASTRA via The Rock Radio Network. Tommy died of a stroke at Darenth Valley Hospital near Dartford, Kent in the early hours of March 6th, 2005.

Photo of Johnnie Walker

Johnnie is working for BBC Radio 2. Recently he got the show during drive time.

(284 K - 0:36 min)

Photo of Mark Wesley

Mark is owner of a promotion company in London. As far I know he is not in close contact to radio business any more.

(457 K - 0:58 min)

Photo of Steve Wright

Steve performed in the area of the 'Station of the 80s'.

Also at BBC RADIO 2 today.

Photo of Jimmy Young

Decades ago in the good old 50s Jimmy worked for 'The station of the stars'.

Working for BBC RADIO 2 today.

Photo of Gary Ziepe

Gary started his broadcasting career in 1976 where he worked in the record library at Capital Radio. Radio Luxembourg gave Gary his first big break in 1979 with a series of 4 shows which were pre-recorded. In 1982 he joined Radio Basildon where he presented a daily talk and music programme. In the last 10 years he has worked for AA Roadwatch, Airport Information Radio, Metro Traffic Control, Severn Sound, Chiltern FM and Essex FM. Gary currently works for Invicta FM.

More voices

No pictures are available of those guys put I've got pieces of their on-air-work for you. Just click on the names to hear them.
  • Timmy Mallitte
  • Peter Powell
  • Mike ReadDoes the Jazz fm breakfast show at their Manchester station, Monday to Friday. He also introduced the breakfast show at Classic fm for a while.