Can you imagine a radio station nowaydays
not having their own, individual jingle package ?

When LUXY started to use jingles it was absolutely uncommon for european stations. Jingles were used oversaes but completely unknown in Europe. The first step LUXY took was the use of so called 'Station Tunes'. A chorus sung those melodies live when the show started. Jingles as we know them today followed much much later. Then also the European broadcasters - and one of the first of them was LUXY - had to consider that with the help of those station-identification-tunes the popularity of their station could increase with comparible less money in a very short time.

You are now about to listen to dozends of original RADIO-LOUXEMBOURG-jingles. There are as well some rarities of the jingles stoneage as the ones that have been used in the last days of 208.

This section will grow very shortly so bookmark this page and return more often. Please notice that below the 208 stuff there are some jingles of present radio stations worth listening to.

All audio files are converted in MP3-style.
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Well then: have fun and enjoy the memories
of Europe's biggest commercial radio station.

For all that's worldwide ... (the famous gong)
(51 K, 7 seconds)
Green is go - Go with 208 Colourful Radio Luxembourg
(212 K, 15 seconds)
The Rock'n'Roll swingin' station of the stars
(313 K, 23 seconds)
There's a whole of rockin' and rollin' - colourful Radio Luxembourg
(168 K, 12 seconds)
Make a regular date with 208 - the Rock'n'Roll swingin' station of the stars
(131 K, 10 seconds)
Hooray for the red, white and blue - Radio Luxembourg spells colour
(131 K, 10 seconds)
[NEW] Radio Luck - lucky Luxembourg
(135 K, 9 seconds)
[NEW] This is Radio Luxembourg - The great 208
(258 K, 17 seconds)

Station of the 80's - Radio Luxembourg
(140 K, 10 seconds)
The rhythm of nightlife in Great Britain - Radio Luxembourg
(155 K, 11 seconds)
Station announcement - (broadcasting with the power of 1.3 million watts)
(191 K, 28 seconds)
Benny Brown - Power play - Radio Luxembourg
(146 K, 11 seconds)
The Saturday dance party (Trailer/Bob Stewart)
(459 K, 29 seconds)
Radio Luxembourg - Great Britain
(169 K, 12 seconds)
Time signal - (News intro)
(206 K, 15 seconds)
Nightly closedown in the 80s (Bob Stewart)
(463 K, 59 seconds)
Trailer for 'Rock with Stuart Henry'
(250 K, 32 seconds)
[NEW] My favourite station is Radio Luxembourg ...
(206 K, 26 seconds)

Station for the 21st century-digital satell.stereo-Radio Luxembourg
(118 K, 9 seconds)
Shaun Tilley - Show opener
(169 K, 12 seconds)
Europe's music leader - satellite Radio Luxembourg
(105 K, 8 seconds)
1992 opener (Jodie Scott)
(702 K, 51seconds)
Music at the speed of the light - the greatest hits by satellite
(143 K, 10seconds)
Europe's longest running chart countdown
(99 K, 13seconds)
Europe's favourite music station - Radio Luxembourg
(66 K, 8 seconds)
[NEW] AM, FM, shortwave & on satellite - Steve Joy
(103 K, 13 seconds)
[NEW] Radio Luxembourg Teatime Gold
(152 K, 19 seconds)

And here a few jingles from other stations around the world :